Book Blurbs.

I’ve been writing new blurbs for my books. I feel that is probably the weak spot in my efforts to get them to readers. Here are the first two to be revised. The Anvil of Dust and Stars Epic Space Opera In the future, the human race is slowly dying. After millennia


The Future We Might Know

A lot of papers have talked about the idea of science fiction becoming science fact. This is particularly pervasive in the Star Trek universe. We now have our smart phones (communicators), tricorders, and we’re teleporting particles at a quantum level.  Remember the hyposprays that McCoy would use on Kirk or Spock every



When a person is asked “Who are you?” they often will say their name, or point to their body. The question of who we are is a lot more in depth that where we are.  Or is it? Consciousness is something that nobody has been able to define. We know when we


Finished Book 5

The Depths of War is now completed, except the for the process I am about to detail below. I’d be curious to see how other Indie Authors handle the process of completing a book. Here’s mine. I write <<< To Be Continued >>> for my series, or <<< The End >>> for


Guest Blogger Carol James Marshall

Hello, my name is…..Carol James Marshall author of The Women of the Grey series Starburst book 1 and Red Drug book 2 are now on Kindle Unlimited.  Let me explain myself….   It is often said, by those people that say things and well I’m guessing say those things to people who


Tabby’s Star? A mystery solved?

If you haven’t heard about Tabby’s star, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. The big deal is this. Over the last centuries astronomy has pretty much worked out how stars are born, age, and die. It depends on size mostly, but if astronomers know the mass of a star, they


New Cover coming for Serum

Sometime tonight Amazon should be updating Serum to the new cover. The last of my novels to get a new cover, it’s nice to finally have it done. Slayer will need one at some point, but it’s not exactly a big seller. I suppose the literary agents are right, Dark Fantasy is


New newsletter signup.

So I’m working on this whole author thing. There’s a lot to it, in case you didn’t know, not just writing books. Here are just a few of the things you need to do. Write a book. I said it wasn’t just this, but this is pretty much the focus. If you’re


I just realized that I didn’t update my blog on book 4

Book 4’s cover that is. Here is the new one: Book 5 is currently being edited, in case you were wondering. To me editing is harder than writing, it’s very mentally draining. I’m knocking through about 4 chapters a day.  


House closing

Today, finally, after numerous delays and more ridiculous paperwork requests than a Freedom of Information Act request, we are closing on our house. I’m hoping several things occur from this event. We relax. My wife is up for promotion at work and buying a house at the same time. She’s so high