Art for later covers

I’ve been working on art for later covers in the Worlds at War series. So far I have a tank I want to put on the cover of Book 5, you can see if you can figure out why a German VK20.01 would be relevant to the story. In addition I’ve started


The Men of War: Release Day!

Today is release day for The Men of War. Book 3 in the Worlds at War Series, it’s been a while coming, I know. I confess, at times I wonder if writing is something I should be better organized with. Currently I have two series going, and ideas for more. I have


Bad Author. Bad. But I have a new book.

It’s been too long since I added a post. Totally my fault. I’ve had a busy life recently, and the winter here in Colorado went on WAY TOO LONG. But it’s nice now and I’ve been driving in my 560SL, working in the yard, repairing small house issues, and, of course, writing.



I know it’s been too long since I’ve released a book. I’m not George RR Martin in that category, but it’s been 11 months and that’s too long to be honest. The good news is I have the third book in the Worlds at War series sitting next to me on my


Space Opera can be short.

Space Opera, in all its magnificence, doesn’t have to be a long story. It can be short and tell an interesting or funny tale. And even if it’s used to sell a product, the story itself can be entertaining.



What if life is everywhere, but we haven’t found it because there is no land on the worlds it exists on? What if Earth is an ultra rare world in that it doesn’t have deep oceans covering the entire surface. It would only take another 7 miles of ocean depth to ensure


Working Cover

The working cover (meaning it may well change) for Book 4 in the Worlds at War Series.


The Men of War

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an update. Not because I’ve quit writing. Quite the opposite. I’ve been writing like a madman. On January 8th The Men of War was 8,000 words. Yesterday, February 8th, I finished it in first draft. It’s going to go in front of my critique


Extinction, Galactic Style

I found this interesting, so I thought I’d share it with you. I’m not sure I buy that it would be 100% fatal to some species, but not others. If it killed off Megalodon, why wouldn’t it have killed off elephants? They had zero protection from water. Or mammoths, or giraffes… the


You might say…

that it has been a long time since I put a post on here, and you’d be right. Here is part of the reason why.   I got the proof in the mail today, I’m extremely pleased with the cover, and now my editor will make a pass over it. Once that’s