Gen Con, Audible, and Tigers, Oh MY!

I know, it’s been a while. Why? Because I’ve been busy and haven’t had access to a desktop for a while. I do all my real writing on a desktop, because I can barely even see the screen of my phone anymore without reading glasses. Fat fingering the iPhone keyboard gets old


Dune to be remade…. again.

Hasn’t this storyline been ‘dune’ to death?  ROFL!  OMG, how do I do it. Seriously, I’m here for your entertainment, folks. Legendary Pictures Actively Scouting Locations for ‘Dune’


Some of my favorite things.

We all have those things that make life worthwhile. Those things that if they were gone from our lives we’d just pack it up and nosedive off a bridge or something. It’s imperative that we nourish those things. Because they revitalize us. They give us something to look forward to. They keep


Denver Comic Con

I’ll be at Denver Comic Con over the weekend, talking sci-fi and fantasy with con attendees. Should be a good time. Feel free to stop by booth A19 and say hi. Maybe, if you’re interested, pick up a book and get it signed even. 🙂 The con should be huuuuuge, with plenty


Release is doing pretty well.

By newer author standards anyway. On the 24th I released The Secrets of Axum to Kindle and print. If proof is needed that rising waters raise all ships, both The Dragons of Dunkirk and The Secrets of Axum both did well after the release, with Dragons hitting #25,000 on the Amazon store



This year is a crossroads of a sort for me. I have two major conventions and 2 smaller events coming up as an author. Denver Comic Con, Gen Con, and the smaller Colorado Springs Comic Con and Mountain of Authors. This year I find out just how far my books can go.


News of the Word Processing

The Secrets of Axum is going into final editing. The proof will be here on Friday, April 20th. I’m looking forward to seeing the cover on the paperback. Since I’ve not been able to work on Axum because, well, it’s almost done, I’ve been working on the cover for Book 3 in


Sooooo, I was busy?

Haha… I’m terrible at making excuses. It’s been a long time since I posted a new blog post, but here I am. And I was busy. The Dragons of Dunkirk is published, and doing reasonably well. My best release yet. Secrets of Axum is finished in first draft, I’m doing a once-over


The Pre-Order Link.


Pre-Release: The Dragons of Dunkirk

The Dragons of Dunkirk is awaiting approval from Amazon for pre-release. That should take a day. The release is on the 29th, when the book will be available for all. The year is 1940 on Earth. It’s the Year of Joining on Aerth. Two worlds are set to collide thanks to the