Book 8 in the Dark Seas series is progressing, I wrote a chapter today where Sarah Dayson is finally getting to deliver some pain to the Hive, not just take the pain they send her way. I have an excerpt below. In other news, my old dog, Jake, was put to sleep


Falling off the planet

Hi everyone. I’m very sorry for my absence. 2020 has been a very tough year for us all. A lot of experts are predicting a tough decade ahead. Financially. Socially. And then there is the pandemic. Whatever your beliefs on it, I don’t want to get into a debate about it because


Let’s talk about February.

A new book released this month. The Depths of Aerth. It’s already selling well on Amazon, and I’m hoping to have the next three books, including this one, on Audible by the end of the year. This is the best month I’ve had for sales by far. 200 straight sales, and 100,000+


A lot has happened. Is happening.

So over the holidays I might have been bad at keeping up the blog. Okay, I’m always bad. But eventually I remember and get back to it. The good news? A lot has happened. The Depths of Aerth is in editing and will be released by mid-Febraury at the latest. The cover


Woah! Too long

It’s been too long, and I apologize. Here’s what’s been keeping me busy: 1. The Depths of Aerth is 4 chapters from being complete. It’s been a pleasure to write, and I have been deep in it for a while now. I expect release to be in January. 2. The audiobook for



Facebook is now saying it’s a publisher, when before it was saying it was a platform. The disingenuous behavior of Zuckity-Zuck and his team of slippery as snot lawyers is something the American public should not be tolerating. It is definitely one or the other. If it’s a publisher, it has 1st


Oh sweet release!

Finally, release day for Reality’s Veil is here. I love that title, btw, and the book makes very clear where it comes from. You can get it on Amazon, and only Amazon. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it there. Or buy it on Kindle or in print. Reality’s Veil


Art for later covers

I’ve been working on art for later covers in the Worlds at War series. So far I have a tank I want to put on the cover of Book 5, you can see if you can figure out why a German VK20.01 would be relevant to the story. In addition I’ve started


The Men of War: Release Day!

Today is release day for The Men of War. Book 3 in the Worlds at War Series, it’s been a while coming, I know. I confess, at times I wonder if writing is something I should be better organized with. Currently I have two series going, and ideas for more. I have


Bad Author. Bad. But I have a new book.

It’s been too long since I added a post. Totally my fault. I’ve had a busy life recently, and the winter here in Colorado went on WAY TOO LONG. But it’s nice now and I’ve been driving in my 560SL, working in the yard, repairing small house issues, and, of course, writing.