Pseudo Science

I had a lady try to sell me on a ‘cure all’ today.  It had a name that started with a “T”, but it wasn’t long into her spiel before she told me that this magic “T” cure all would cleanse the toxins from the chemtrails from my body.  I didn’t know quite what to do, because laughing would be improper in the setting I was in.  So I just looked at the floor and fled when I had the chance.  When someone spouts pseudo science at me, I have no idea what to do.  I’m sure I’m not the first person who might try to educate them, and I’m pretty sure if you believe in chemtrails that you’re not about to abandon your conspiratorial thinking on the matter.  Far be it from me to even try to stop that runaway train.  So I just looked away and fled.  Hopefully I won’t get chemtrailed tomorrow and need what she was selling.

The chicken coop is 1/2 built, my kids and I literally built it without a plan.  We put two seven foot 2x4s on the floor and started construction.  It’s been a fantastic time!  We have a big coop, although we’re only going to have two chickens.  We probably should have one much smaller, but if I were a chicken I’d want a mansion if I could get one.  Ours apparently will get one.  Tomorrow another trip to Lowe’s, which is what happens when you decide to toss your preconceived plans aside and start winging (haha) it.  You run out of stuff, because impromptu construction always results in over engineering or extra waste. 

It’s been a very full day, when I started my Mercedes this morning it when <gronk> for a moment when it started up.  Oh noes!  I dragged out the iPad and did my research.  Timing chain guide.  Gah!  You need to replace the timing chain on the Mercedes at 100K, and I have 95K on mine, so I guess I’m an early bloomer.  I did get a lot of references to a reliable and reasonable Mercedes mechanic in Colorado Springs, so if you need one let me know.  I need the head gaskets replaced too, as apparently the driver side exhaust manifold tends to bake the rear of the driver side head gasket, making it leak oil onto the crossover pipe for the exhaust system.  That’s stinky, trust me.  When you have a 25 year old car, you can expect such things.  Especially one as complex as a Mercedes. 

As I understand it, that’s going to set me back $2K.  /sigh.  But once it’s done, I should get another 100K out of the car.  At least as long as I don’t put my foot to the floor as much as I like to do. 

No writing today.  I did think a lot about the relationship of technologically advanced societies to the non-technological societies, and that gave me some fodder for when I do write.  Tomorrow is more chicken coop, and Thursday we pick up the chicks, so I expect that it will be Friday this week before any actual writing is done.  But the brain does continue to process the concept, the plot, and the characters.  I either have to count this week as a vacation week or count that mental processing as work time.

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