Manual labor/Intellectual labor

I’m discovering as I get older that you can’t just simply sit at a desk writing, then expect to do something physical one day a month.  Not if you want to be able to continue to do physical things, anyway. 

This week I built a chicken coop.  This involved hefting the wood, the wire, the shingles, and putting it all together.  Then I moved the entire coop into the backyard, which basically involved strapping a rope to the thing and playing sled dog.  Aging knees rebelled mightily.

What I’m figuring out is that if you want to be able to do those things, you need to regularly do those things.  Walk.  ATV.  Rearrange the furniture.  Clean the garage.  Chop wood.  Build something.  If you wait too long between physical activity, it’s just that much more stressful on your body when you get to it. 

I find, as I sit here sore at my desk, there is a lot of regret associated with aging.  When you’re young you rationalize your lack of attention to your diet or exercise, then as you age it catches up with you.  I have done olympiad style exercise to keep my mind in the shape it should be.  If only I’d been so wise to keep my body in shape.

Still, I often reflect that I’m a lot healthier than others my age.  I feel for them.  If being me hurts like this after manual labor, I’d certainly hate to be in worse condition.

Later today or next week I’ll discuss Sarah Dayson, the main character in my book.

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