Fire! Fire! Fire!

I live in a very safe area of the nation.  No tornadoes to speak of, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no locust plagues.  Low crime, no nuclear plants nearby to melt down, no floods, no zombies (so far). 

What we do seem to have in large amounts are fires.  Either from lightning strikes, which are unpreventable, or from morons or malicious arsonists who are sadly also unpreventable. 

If you go out into my front yard, you will see large smoke plumes to the north and the south.  The Royal Gorge fire is in Pueblo to the south, and the Black Forest fire is eating residences to the north.  I want to express my sympathy for everyone who is affected by the fires, and to observe that it doesn’t matter where you live, there is always something local that will remind you of the fragility of life and our control of nature. 

I will probably be limited in my writing this week, although I am going to try to get Chapter 8 on the books if I can.  I have resolved to get a rough draft of two chapters a week completed.  Monday was Chapter 7, and it turned out well.  Maybe Chapter 8 today or tomorrow?

As a pantser, I have no idea how many chapters I’ll eventually wind up with, so at two a week I could actually have the book written in a few months… maybe three.

I don’t think book one of the three I am planning on is going to be very short.  I can see it being quite long, in fact, so I hope that I won’t have to cut it to pieces in order to be published.

Everyone be safe, and remember to keep your fires under control.   Have water nearby to put them out.  I was just told that 80 homes have been lost in Black Forest due to the fire up there.  It would be very sad if those families are now homeless because someone failed to exercise common sense.

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