Chapters keep rolling

I’m writing my chapters as sparsely as possible, right now.  Minimal detail, although I’m putting almost all of the character conversations in.  I am halfway through Chapter 14 and I just passed 21,685 words for the book. 

There is quite a lot of what I would consider almost cinematic action.  A ship is destroyed spectacularly in Chapter 14, while Sarah is away from the fleet.  Her 1st officer, Commander Franklin Gilbert, makes no mistakes during the event, but she can’t help but feel she should have been there.  Instead she was away on a shuttle trip to a farming dome on an asteroid to interview her captive.  Guess who that is?

The loss of a ship poses a real threat to the survival of her crews.  How will she respond to the event?

I know!  I know!  But I want you to buy my book, so I can’t reveal all of my secrets. 

While I’m writing this, I frequently think about how the scene would unfold on the big screen.  Who would play the part of Captain Dayson?

I’m rooting for Cate Blanchett.  Does she do science fiction?  Kate Winslet is my second choice.  Amy Adams? 

haha…. I’m getting ahead of myself.  

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