Thanks to my writing group

I wanted to specifically mention my writing group, Writer’s Write, and how grateful I am to all the help they’ve given me.  Specifically this Thursday, some of the best of the best showed up for critique that night and pointed out the errors of my ways to me.  And, as they often are, they were right.

Chapter 9 is an introduction of Merik, a powerful Adept who later becomes enemy #1 to the newcomers to Oasis.  Merik is insance, a cross between Glenn Close in fatal attraction and Henry VIII, I suppose.  I wrote the chapter from Merik’s point of view, but as someone pointed out to me the person who is crazy doesn’t think they are, so they are not the best viewpoint from which to convey that insanity. 

So I will be re-writing Chapter 9 from the viewpoint of Alarin, a young man Merik is training in the art of being an Adept.  That will allow me to convey his awareness of her instability, his desire to moderate her choices, and demonstrate his own insecurities regarding their relationship. 

Alarin will be a much better POV. 

Thanks to everyone who pointed it out.

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