Researching fire

I am researching fire for my warward moon, alone in it’s inhabitibility so far above the galactic plane.

Refuge has 1.5 times the pressure of Earth, but only 16% O2 compared to 21% on Earth.  It turns out that with reduced oxygen as a percentage, the reaction (fire) is just as active if you have higher pressure.  So I’m moving forward with the presumption that fire is going to operate on Refuge much like it does on Earth.  There might be some difference to the shape of the flame due to increased gravity and atmospheric pressure affecting the heat column, but I suspect that a fire on Refuge will look remarkably like one here on Earth.

Here is the link to the site I am getting data from.  Yes, it’s  Not everything has to be smarties, does it?

This site also speaks briefly about fire and pressure.

BTW, first draft of Chapter 25 just rolled off the assembly line.

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