I’ve been busy writing, and playing a game online called World of Tanks.

Yes, I play online games sometimes, and this one currently has me hooked. 

I just rewrote chapter one, however, in an effort to make my protagonist, Captain Sarah Dayson, more lovable, more easy to identify with, and more real.

So I haven’t stepped too far away from the blog, and I haven’t stepped away from the book at all.  I find in rewriting I’m cutting away a lot of the cool stuff that I research, as it’s often fluff and not story.  So as I get back to writing story, the blog will be the benefactor of my research, or “fluff” if you will. 

I also seem to have a natural affinity for shooting people in armored vehicles.  World of Tanks is basically, when you boil it down, an arena.  Two sides, 15 tanks on a side.  I, my friends, appear to have a bit of tactical ability.  Who knew?  It’s really simple as a game, you just aim, shoot, drive, and occasionally die.

Here is my best game so far.  I killed over half the opposing team myself.  I have to confess, that was the high point of my week emotionally.  How sad is that?

Sweet victory, who knew thy name was anti-tank round?

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