Red Robin

Red Robin is my favorite chain restaurant. There are other local places I like better, but for a chain, Red Robin is top notch.

Apparently someone got two sacks in some sort of sport, and I get a free tavern double burger as a result. I’m not a sports guy, I actually think that professional sports are a ludicrous waste of our national resources. We spend five times as much on professional sports as we do on scientific research to cure disease I read recently. Which is a serious indication that we have our priorities wrong as a country and a species.

But I’m not going to turn down a free burger from Red Robin. So whatever happened, on whatever nonsensical professional sports field in Denver, thanks for finally having some real world use to me. Whoever you are, and whatever you getting two sacks means, please feel free to repeat it.

I will be eating my free burger, sipping a tasty drink, and celebrating unknown people doing unknown things in unknown places.

Ok, Ok, I’m pretty sure it’s football, I’m pretty sure it was the Broncos, but I don’t care. The burger I’m about to partake of is more important to me than the entire NFL.

Sack on.

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