A year on Refuge

Ember (Refuge’s primary) orbits Oasis at about 70,000,000 kilometers.

I realized today that Refuge’s seasons would be tied to the axial tilt and orbital duration of Ember, and completely unrelated to the speed with with Refuge orbits Ember.

Oasis is .71 solar masses.
Ember is 3,487 times the mass of the Earth.

I used this calculator (previously used to calculate Refuge’s orbital duration) to determine the year length of Ember and Refuge.

Planetary Orbit Calculator

I was completely surprised by the answer.

1.0664 standard years.

What does that mean?  It means Refuge has a 389 day year, then a 390 day year, alternating.

The actual orbit is 389.49428 days (Earth days) long.

I thought that with Ember being so much closer to its star, the year would be much shorter.  But with the smaller mass of Oasis the year is remarkably close to our own.  So they’ll have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter that are close to our duration, each about 6 days longer.

Since Refuge orbits Ember in 2.22551(Earth days) that means that Refuge orbits Ember 175.01349 times during a Refugian year. 

So I now get the task of making a calender for the locals based upon that. 🙂 

Wish me luck.

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