It’s been a while

It’s been a few days since I posted, I’ve been busy.  Last weekend my wife and I actually socialized with real people, and on Saturday we played Glow Golf at the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs.  It was delightful, as was the meal we had beforehand at Steak N Shake, which will potentially supplant my love for Red Robin. Of course restaurants aren’t like ladies, you can actually love more than one and not incur the wrath of both restaurants.

I’m 30 chapters into revising the book, and discovered I needed to completely rewrite chapter 30.  Bummer.  But, it was in the wrong point of view. I had it in Captain Dayson’s, and it needed to be in Lieutenant Corriea’s POV. 

So now I’m rewriting, and that’s taking me a few days, because I am working my psyche up to it. 🙂

I want to thank my friends, Roberta and Chris for the help they gave me on Sunday with that chapter, btw.  It was these two excellent writers who convinced me it needed to be in Corriea’s POV.

Ok, back to it, I think I have a good four hours in me now.

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