Hectic week

I’m one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet.  I don’t do paperwork well, I don’t do planning things well, really, I’m a mess.

But creativity I have in overabundance. This week, due to the writers conference I’m leaving for Thursday morning, I have been unable to write a single word.  Seriously, not a single word has come out of me creatively in a few days.

In that case, there are other outlets, right?

I tried computer games.  Bleh, I really didn’t get into them tonight.

Facebook?  It can get pretty boring too.

I am, however, also a very visually creative person.  I sculpt, a bit, although I haven’t in a while.

I thought to myself tonight, “Self, what can you do that furthers your Dark Sea project, even if you can’t write?”

“Make a painting,” I replied.

Seriously, I should probably spend less time talking to myself, and more time painting or writing, so that’s exactly what I did.

This is a work in progress, and will change dramatically as I edit it, but here is the initial work I’m titling Sunrise on Refuge.  THIS IS ROUGH DRAFT. 😉  Seriously, I have less than an hour in this.  It will get better if I return to it.  It will get more detail where it needs it, detail taken out where it needs that. Green, however, is probably the way things are there.  I will probably blue up the ocean, I am thinking it will be a deep dark blue with the sun just rising in the east.

Very green, right?  But then it’s an orange star with a much thicker atmosphere, less oxygen, and more nitrogen.  I thinking it would be green.  So I will be detailing the rolling hills, working on the ocean in the front, adding in a few more clouds.  In my mind, this is what the coastline of Zeffult would look like as you approach it over the ocean from the west.  If you do that, however, you want to approach lower or an adept will get you.

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