PPWC 2014: The Zebulon

For those of you interested in entering writing contests, I’d like to offer up the Zebulon run by my friend Jeff Schmoyer. 

The Zebulon Contest

I’m planning on entering, so the best you’ll be able to get is 2nd place, but I’m sure that prize is very nice.  I haven’t looked at it because the only one that matters in my case is the 1st place prize, but that’s why there is more than one place and one prize.

LOL!  Kidding.

Enter, it’s nice to win things.

1st place:  Refund of conference fees for 2014
2nd place: $40
3rd place: $20

The entry fee is $20, and you can get your first 2500 words of your manuscript critiqued for an additional $20.   Really, just go and check it out.  I don’t want to retype it all here.

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