Writers groups

Just a note to stress the importance of socializing with other writers.

I suspect that I share some things in common with a host of my writing peers, although there are of course plenty who differ.  One of the things I suspect is common among writers is introversion. There are times I’d rather skip a meal (that’s huge!) than go to the grocery store and be among people I don’t know. I go to Sam’s Club or Costco on weekdays just because I know there will be fewer strangers there.

That attitude made it hard, at least at first, to attend a writing group.  I overcame those feelings, however, and am VERY glad I did. Nothing has helped my writing like the friends I’ve made within my local groups, and now that they’re friends I no longer feel like I want to run screaming for the door when I associate with them. I can only hope that I have helped them as much as they’ve helped me.

My point? If I can get out there with my degree of introversion, so can you.  Get out and join a writing group.  They’re going to make you better whether they give you bad advice or good because you’re surely smart enough to sort through input for the gems.  You’ll get people who can critique your hardcopy, and not just online submissions. You’ll get out of the house and potentially get some vitamin D in your system.  Your skin makes that, btw, when exposed to sunlight. 😉

I’m heading to my Sunday meeting later today, and am eager to share my writing and read that of others. Give it a try.  It’s fun.

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