I finished the second rewrite of my book, and that’s exciting right?  I should want to get right into editing on the third pass, right?


I’m spending my weekend doing anything BUT writing.  I’m thinking about driving to Denver to go to the computer store there.  I’m thinking about going to Camping World and looking at fifth wheel campers.  I’m definitely going to play some computer games.  I’m an avid computer gamer, I love them. Right now a game called Distant Worlds by Matrix Games has my attention. You run a galactic empire. No Hive, but there are pirates.  Arrrghh.

So Monday (probably) I’ll get back to it.  Until then, it’s time to goof off.

My 8 and 9 year old kids kicked me in the pants at Wii Bowling today.  They’re bowling in the 180s, I’m bowling in the 130s.  Sad really.  But, you know, kids these days. Or whatever it is that middle aged men are supposed to blame it on when their kids kick their butts at console games.

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