Busy wife, busy life

I’m rapidly discovering that when my wife is busy, I’m busier than I like to be.  Ideally I’d like time to write, ponder or create art, work on the occasional car, and/or plot to take over the world. Marriage is more than a sharing of space, it’s a sharing of atmosphere, of mood, of success and failure. 

My wife is in the midst of changing jobs.  She’s also in the middle of some silliness at her old job created by people lying about things that were done or weren’t done, I can’t really follow it all. What I do know is that when she’s unhappy, I’m generally not all that happy myself.

I’ll be glad when she’s on her new job, and happy with it. PLEASE let her be happy with it! Because I need to be focused on science, on writing, on the digital arts.

Right now that’s not happening. Life, make the noise stop. It’s interfering with the real stuff that matters.

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