The flu

I’ve had the flu since 12/26/13.  I’m FINALLY at the end of the tunnel, I think, and can see the light.  I hope.

It’s a great diet plan, but wow, it’s hard on every other aspect of your life.  I’ve lost 20 pounds.  I haven’t written a thing. 

That will probably change within the next few days, however.  The kids are going back to school off of Christmas break, and other than a pesky cough and a few other minor things, the flu is about gone.  Another plus is I sound like Barry White at the moment. 

“Hey baby, yeah, come on over and talk to me about that…”


Oh yeah.

I wonder what the science of losing/stressing your voice is?  Do the vocal cords actually become looser and therefore deeper?  Hmmmm.  So many of life’s little mysteries, so little time.

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