Change of plans… because plans change.

I got a few requests for my novel from agents.  The answer from one of those agents led to a change in my plans.

I have turned my book into two books. I was sitting on a 105,000 word novel.  The agent replied to me stating that most agents want new authors to be at 80,000 words.  So I was either going to have to cut 25,000 words… or I was going to have to break some material off into another book.

I cut 30,000 words off actually, and am now, after much typing, sitting on two 75,000 word books. I wrote 45,000 words of prequel to what had originally been in one book.

So my novels are in this situation:

Book 1:  Born of Dust and Fire.  74,207 words complete. I have it printed, and will do two rounds of editing between now and April 24th, the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference.

Book 2: On the Shores of a Dark Sea:  75.553 words complete. I will print it and revise it once to ensure it conforms to the story now told in book 1.

Book 3: Legacy: 20,000 words or so done.  I expect it will be complete by mid-Summer.

Book 4: Child of Man: Just an idea, no  words.  But I know what story it needs to tell.

So I’m about 140,000 words from a complete series… unless there is a book 5, which is a possibility if the story of the Hive and the Adepts gets too big for 80K.

There are two books on the edge of completion!  Thanks to the agent who told me 105K was way too much.

I can handle two published books instead of one.  Now to find an agent.  PPWC here I come.

On a side note, I got business cards today.  They don’t really say much, just a gimmick to hand out at  conventions.

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