California and the Hippies.

This is what happens when you stuff 50 million people into an area with the water supply for 10 million. Colorado is probably going to experience the same someday, because I think I know full well where all these people are going to want to go once they’re done screwing up their state as bad as it can possibly be screwed.

The sad thing is that this is preventable. Nuclear powered desalinization could provide all the water this state needs, not to mention Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, Nevada, etc. Thorium, not uranium. Humans have a habit of destroying things and moving on. We in the USA like to think we’re enlightened, and Californians are some of the worst in that type of arrogance. This isn’t about global warming, because regardless of how you believe on that issue, global warming has become more religion than science. This is about foolish population practices. How environmentally friendly is it going to be when CA is importing billions and billions of plastic encased water bottles?

We have the technology to make the Southwest a paradise. Instead we build fountains in the desert and suck all the water out of the ground until there is nothing left but dust. What took millions of years to fill and stabilize we’ve destroyed in a century. Funny thing is we’re inviting more people into this ignorance, even as we don’t have the resources to provide for those that are already here. But that’s about voting trends, not about human life.

I do feel sorry for California, but in the same sense I’d feel sorry for a disabled person beating their head on the wall when left on their own to do so. I can only assume California suffers some sort of mass mental illness that has created this mess. Electing movie stars (Ahnold!) and known idiots like Jerry Brown over and over are proof that there should be standards for allowing people to vote.

I believe this is how republics fall. This is how the Romans fell. They elected people who spent them into debt and gave charity through redistribution until there was no incentive left to innovate or produce.

I’m not saying nature isn’t partially to blame, drought sucks. But it’s also a fact that it happens. Dust Bowl anyone? For Californians not to see that and make plans to prevent something similar where they live is just the worst.

Like I said. We have and had the technology. Have had it for 30 years. We built the Hoover Dam, but we can’t build desalinization plants? It might have happened but the same hippies that are now going to drink dust were 100% opposed to anything nuclear because they’re too stupid to be entrusted with long term policy. Yet entrust them CA did and now they reap the rewards.

I feel sad as I look at CA’s bloody forehead. And even more sad when I realize I’ll probably be moving out of the state I love when all the fools who ruined CA move to CO.

Some days I wonder if we’ll make it to the stars. Then there are other days when I look at the greatness we’re accomplishing and realize we will, if we stop doing things the California way.

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