What is sci-fi?

It should come as no surprise that there are as many forms of science fiction as there are science itself. We all think spaceships and rayguns, but what about the TV show Helix? All modern day stuff except for the biology.

That’s sci-fi.

Or how about Jurassic Park? Paleontology, biology… as sci-fi.

Blade Runner? Set in the future, yes, with flying cars, a dark reality, but also with biological science enough to create life in the form of the replicants.

Even Isaac Asimov’s Foundation is not just space travel, it’s also Hari Seldon and his ground breaking psychological science, called Psychohistory.

Some people who say they don’t like science fiction might be really surprised to find that they do like particular subsets of it. After all, what is The Hunt for Red October, but military thriller with a twinge of sci-fi? Magnetohydrodynamic drive indeed….

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