I’ve posted before that writing novels isn’t the only hobby I have.  I say hobby because art, writing, and card game design have yet to make a red cent once any costs are figured in.  Which is fine.  I’m here for the adventure, let’s say.

So I have finally wrapped up the card game All or Nothing. The graphics are done unless my friend looks at them for me and says, “Ummm, what about…” and I realize he’s right.

I can’t wait to get these off to the printer.

My wife is the business lead on this, I’m just the creative brain. She’ll have an Amazon Reseller’s Account and the game will be available there. The plan is to buy about 400 decks and see how those sell.  If they start going fast, we’ll buy 1,200.  Then 10,000 decks.  That’s a big if, the “if this thing takes off” part.  Not because the game isn’t great, it’s a blast.  But because the market is so flooded with choices it can be hard to be seen.

Backside2 Nothing4 10Clubs Here are three different cards from the deck.  The back of the cards is the first image, the NOTHING card is the second image, and the 10 of clubs is the third.  This game has no face cards or aces, but does have a 1 of clubs.




Fun for the family, fun for you. Do not let this one pass you buy if you’re into any trick taking games like Hearts, Spades, or Oh, Hell.




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