So I recently had back injections. I’ve had chronic pain issues for about 10 years, and the issue has impacted my life deeply.


When you have pain, you don’t do things you’d do when you are reasonably pain free.

1. You don’t socialize, because you’re a crabby bastard.
2. You’re a crabby bastard.
3. You’re unable to focus.
4. You’re unable to appreciate the world around you as it deserves.
5. You vote for the grouchiest candidate you can find.

Since the injections there has been a remarkable improvement in the problem. Unbelievably so, in fact. The pain was in my feet and legs due to nerves in my lower back, apparently. The injections have improved that pain by 80% or more. It is a remarkable change. There were days that I’d walk about the house like a 75 year old man, and now, for the first time in a long time I bounded up the stairs.

The changes are something else.

1. I look at people with something other than a desire to punch them.
2. I smiled at the cat.
3. I’m so focused I solved the Unified Field Theory in my head last night laying in bed… but like so many plot ideas I can’t remember it this morning.
4. The world is waiting… beware world.
5. I will be voting Libertarian, because I’m FREE! FREE I SAY!

But seriously. That shit worked. I expect a lot more pleasant decade ahead than the one behind. I also want to kick all the doctors who kept trying to blame non-existent diabetes for the problem. But I won’t, because I’m a new man.

The only bad thing about the week is the temporary crown I have until the 28th of December is held in place with something that is flavored cinnamon. I fucking hate cinnamon. And it is leaking that flavor into my mouth around the clock.

I expect after the permanent crown is in place and my mouth doesn’t taste like vomited tree bark, I’ll be even happier. Expect spontaneous dancing and maybe singing.

I just hope I don’t joy-hump everything around me.

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