Science Fiction fans: It’s new trailer day.

The new Star Trek: Beyond trailer is out. I love the reboot, I think Zachary Quinto may be an even better Spock than Nimoy.  Yes, I said it.  Hit me about the head with a warp plasma conduit. Star Trek is definitely space opera, and it’s becoming more and more popular, as is all of science fiction.



But that’s not all!  For a limited time, and only on, you get two trailers for the price of one!  Which is free, but hey, it’s two trailers.

This next one isn’t space opera, but it is science fiction. I loved the original despite several leaps of faith that had to be made to swallow it.

I hope this one is just as awesome. It does have Jeff Goldblum, so that’s a thing. I love that man. He’s like the Jewish badass brain ninja that I always wanted as a friend.

Enjoy.  I think this may well be the second golden age of science fiction.  So much is going on right now. The new Star Wars movie. These two movies. My books being contracted for a SyFy made for TV movie.


LOL!  Just kidding.  Wouldn’t that be sweet though.

What’s important to me is that science fiction is the genre of future hope. It’s a statement that we believe we’re going to make it. It’s a statement that we believe we have what it takes. I believe this too. We humans have our stumbles, even today. As groups like Daesh try to drag us back into the stone age of ignorance and hate, Western Culture ™ is painting a vision of hope, of victory, and of success as a species.

My books will paint that same picture, because it is the vision of every sci-fi writer, or at least I so believe. Nobody wants to read a story where the aliens wipe us out for good. Nobody wants to read a story where Earth is reduced to Gray Goo (tm again).

Sci-fi, and space opera in particular is about our ascendance.

Never forget it, and never lose faith in it.

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