Better late than never. Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, I’ve been pretty busy since about mid-December.

The kids are just now back to doing their home school lessons. We took four weeks off since we go year around. When the kids aren’t occupied, turns out I am. 🙂

My card game is now in the polishing stage of development. The art is done, the master print file is now at the printer, and I’m just waiting to see the proofs before we make the first commercial order. That’s a busy thing in itself. Still a few things more to do, but it’s looking good.

I discovered a game called Empyrion – Galactic Survival on Steam. If you’re a PC gamer, check it out. It’s the survival/builder game I’ve wanted for some time. It’s in development, but it’s only getting more awesome with each patch.

I recently started doing the low-carb diet thing… and lost 12 pounds in very short order.  I’m sure that was mostly water caused by inflammation from processed foods, but I’ll take what I can get.  The diet has successfully suppressed the appetite, so I’m hoping to see some long term weight loss. We’ll see.

My wife and I are debating whether or not to buy the house we’re in.  I can envision a huge 12 seat theater with stadium seating in the basement… it’s calling to me. We have a bar and a pool table down there, why not add a theater and a popcorn maker?  It’s a good house.

We own a VW diesel, on of the ones that the EPA is all tweaked about. VW sent us $500 to apologize, and another $500 to use anyway we want at the dealership.  We spent the first $500 on a Xbox One gaming system.  Thanks VW!  Personally, I love your cars, and you didn’t have to send me a penny and I’d not have had a bit of animosity toward you.  But you sent me $500 and now I like you even better. $1,000 really, considering the second $500 will pay for scheduled maintenance visits.

That’s all that’s going on.  Life is good, I need to get on my 3rd book, and I have another that will follow that is a thriller. So much to do. So little time. Mainly because I’m a gamer.

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