Serum is released!

So Serum is out there, in the world, hopefully walking on it’s own and making new friends.

Serum: A Political Thriller on Amazon

As soon as Amazon approves my request, I’ll be conducting a giveaway for 6 books. So look for that to be posted here with a link.

I’m going to spend a couple of days promoting Serum, and after that it’s back to the grind. Renegades is nearly done as well, I need to write a couple of battle scenes and polish the book one final time. And finalize the cover.

That will probably take a couple of weeks, maybe a month. After that, it’s hit the promotion of All or Nothing and see if we can get our game to take off. It should, it’s fun.

There’s going to be a lot of ATVing this summer as well. My Arctic Cat 700 Diesel is in the shop getting new glow plugs, but as soon as it’s back Shannon (my wife) and I intend to hit the trails in Pike National Forest. I’ll take some good videos of that while we’re running through the mountain forests, so expect a few of those.

Summer might be a bit slower than winter as far as output goes. But I have a series of novellas to work on, the first two are complete as first drafts. Then there is Swap Out to finish, that’s the second game our company will be releasing most likely.

Wow. Busy much? Who would have thought.


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