CleanTalk… how to keep the wankers off your page.

I wish my blog was full of visitors. And it could be… if I wanted those visitors to be hawking porn sites, cheap clothes, $10,000 a month jobs from homes… and who knows what else.

I don’t want that. Those aren’t even real people, many times it’s just a bot out there doing what bots do. Which is mainly annoy me, from what I can tell.

But you won’t see any of that on my page. You’ll see a friend or two share their thoughts with me. I hope, over time, the site has a lot more real people on it talking science and science fiction, but until it does I will settle for a pleasant silence over the spam the less intellectual types on the internet want to foist onto my page.

Yes, I just called spammers stupid. They’re probably not if even .01% of us click their lunacy, but I still despise them anyway. And CleanTalk helps with that problem. I haven’t had a single spam attack get through since I hired them for the princely sum of $8 a year to keep my page clean.

Worth it?

Every penny. Every single penny.

You can get them for your WordPress Blog HERE.


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