A few days ago it was 74F.  Today, not so much. And, I just looked, it’s not supposed to get above 50F again until May 3rd.

In fact, on a few days, there is a forecast of a rain/snow mix.

Maybe Mother Nature didn’t get the memo I sent her about going ATVing? Maybe she didn’t notice me changing oil, redoing seats, pressure washing, installing a new bumper, installing a 3,000# winch… maybe she just didn’t see all that.

What the %*(@*#$@#$.

So I guess this is good news, I rewrote the first chapter of Renegades, and I like it much better. With the inclement weather I suppose I’ll have more time at the keyboard. I’m making the antagonist (Garrette Orson) less of a comical creep and more insidious. Not to be confused with Darth Sidious.

I’m off to pick up a kid from school. But tonight’s agenda is writing and cooking BBQ ribs. Maybe an hour or so of Grand Theft Auto V.

This global warming thing is soooooo disappointing.

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