A bit about space.

That’s right, a bit about space. On the page and over our heads.

A Hohmann Transfer Orbit is a method of getting a spacecraft from lower to higher orbit with less fuel.

You can spiral outward from a low circular orbit to a higher one. This is the way to burn the most fuel.

Or you can burn once in the lower orbit to make the orbit elliptical with an apogee equal to the higher circular orbit you want to establish, burning again to make your orbit circular once you get to that height.

I wrote this into my book, then realized that 1) it’s 15,000 years in the future, nobody will remember poor Mr. Hohmann’s name even if they still use the process, and 2) the reader would have to stop reading to research what I’m talking about.

Admitting 1) makes for a better story, admitting 2) keeps the pretention down. I don’t want pretentious writing.

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