ATV ready to go!

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This is my daughter Loren, she’s the personification of amazing. Hard working, involved, and deeply interested in bettering her mind.

Here she’s helping me get my ATV ready for the season, and it’s done now. We added that bumper on the back, stuffed the rear seat with new stuffing to ridiculous levels, and reupholstered the driver seat. We also added a winch to the front, a 3,000# Harbor Freight special. It didn’t want to fit 100%, but we made it. Because that’s how you do things for prices people can afford anymore. You adapt.

This is a 2007 Arctic Cat 700 diesel, which was about $11,000 new. I got it on Ebay for about a third of that from a guy who’d burnt out the glow plugs inside of 400 miles of buying it, bent the rear receiver, and generally treated it badly. That has changed. Tracker Marine/Bass Pro fixed the glow plugs for me at a reasonable price, and I am fixing everything he broke.

It’s 9 years old and only has 1,400 miles on it. By the end of this year, I’m hoping that’s 3,000 miles. Because this year, I’m ready to ride.

Our first ride is Saturday, an easy outing at Rainbow Falls in Woodland Park, CO.

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