Happy Birthday, America

Happy 4th of July, peeps. I hope that everyone has or had a great dinner with family and friends. Played some games with loved ones. Ate until your pants hurt. It’s about midnight here at my house, July 4th starts in about 30 minutes. Today we went and bought brats, hot dogs, burgers… and plan on feeding both family and friends tomorrow. There will be kids running around playing games, adults having some beverages and playing cards, and the awesome smell of grilled meats permeating the air.

The dog will get his share, my wife and I will welcome people into our house, and we’ll cook to put smiles on the faces that matter to us.

We’re lucky.

This day celebrates our freedoms, our country, our rights. It celebrates the spirit that led us to be free. It honors the sacrifices our forefathers made in lives and wealth for us to be free. Let’s not forget them. Take a moment to think of their bravery, their fortitude, their stoic stance for what was right. And realize that their spirit is still alive. There are times I fear the flame burns low, but America is still the beacon of light in a dark world.

Tomorrow will bring joy and laughter. Fireworks and games. Food and excess. But it will also bring respect for where those things were born.

In America. In the land of the free, and every time it need be, the home of the brave.


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