Seems like I’m making this sort of blog post way too often.

I am torn apart by the losses suffered by the Dallas Police Department tonight. All because of the hate within the hearts of men. There is no problem that should result in us shooting each other, black, white, cop, civilian. As Americans we are part of the greatest nation that has ever been in the history of mankind. We have freedom the likes of which hasn’t been known since we were hunter gatherers. And yet with each step we take toward violence, that freedom hangs more and more precariously in the balance.

We lost boatloads of it after 9/11, what with the government spying on us all and the TSA groping our kids and grandmothers.

We lost more as the War on Terror progressed over the last decade and a half. And now we’re about to lose more because some complete moron decides he’s going to walk down the path of indignant righteousness stupidity and kill people that he doesn’t even know. He doesn’t know the hearts of the people he murdered. He doesn’t know the pain the families of these police officers are going to feel. He only knew he had hate inside. And he acted on it.

Black Lives Matter get it all wrong. Black Lives don’t matter any more than any other life. They don’t matter any less either. Individually we determine our worth to society, and color has ZERO to do with that. Herman Caine is certainly more valuable than Charles Manson. And Carl Sagan was certainly more valuable than OJ Simpson. It’s how things work. We give of ourselves to build society, and in return we make a better place for our kids. If we take steps to knock down the bricks that others built, then we are not worthy of the life we’ve been given.

I do hope the shooter is arrested.

And I hope he’s tried, and if found guilty, executed.

Because his life has a negative value to society that he can never recover from.

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