Born too early.

Did you ever feel that maybe you were born too early?

Encoding lifespan

The secret code of eternity

In a few generations the Earth’s population will have peaked. There is a great video about that on YouTube here.

We will have private industry colonizing space.

We might very well have conquered medical mortality.

Disease will be on the run, if not eliminated.

Maybe it will be possible to travel to the nearest stars because a hundred years will be such a small part of our expected existence that we won’t care about spending it onboard a can hurtling toward a new and unknown home.

I think this is one possible future that humanity has, and I’m sorry I’m going to miss it. Mine generation, X, and maybe Generation Y and the Millennials may well be the last humans to know death. Drat. Born three generations from an unlimited future.

On the other hand, maybe today is the best time to be alive. Tomorrow could be a time of depleted resources, lost opportunity to expand into space, and war. Maybe medical science will revert to the 1920s in many ways, what with antibiotic resistant bugs and the outrageous pricing behavior of pharmaceutical companies these days. Maybe some future point will be a nuclear exchange, with billions dying. That is not how we want to control our numbers.

Instead, let’s go with plan A. I don’t mind dying if I go knowing my grandkids will carry my memory into the coming millennia. Would I rather be there with them? Yes. But there is some goodness in knowing they may well live as long as they want. Aged 50 in 2016… I know it won’t be me that lives thousands of years. As much as I expected it would be when I was aged 10 in 1976. I have a 10 year old today. Maybe, just maybe, my 10 year old dreams will be her reality.

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