Published in a monthly periodical.

Here’s an opportunity to read a short story in my style of writing.

This here Universe ain’t big enough…

The awesome thing is that American Mensa, who published it, illustrated it as well. Rights are back to me in 30 days, at which time I’ll put it up with a few other short stories on this site.

I’ve removed the first three chapters from book 1 of the Dark Seas series, as it was something I wanted the readers to know… but it didn’t really fit in with the entire rest of the series (so far) being mainly about Sarah Dayson.

Those chapters will be available on this site as well, as a short story called Hive Origins once I get it all cleaned up and ready to publish.

Eventually, when enough short stories are in my pocket, I’ll publish a collection of them, while also keeping them here to be read on line for free.

Enjoy the one linked above. It’s one of my favorites.

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