We’ve damaged what science is.

I’ve seen an alarming trend in science lately, which is simply this. If you observe something, immediately make something up that fits the bill and run with it. It worked for the guys that “discovered” Dark Energy, they were given the Nobel Prize in physics.

But if you were to scroll through my old posts here, you would find a post from me that says, “Dark energy doesn’t exist.” The reason I said that is simply. Skepticism. Which is what science in the last 25 years seems to have lost. Global Climate Change? CHICKEN LITTLE! Supernovae 1a measurements aren’t quite right? CHICKEN LITTLE! The very universe itself is expanding in such a way that space will rip our very atomic structure apart in 20 billion years.


A trillion years from now your descendants will be huddled around the dying light of the remaining red dwarf stars, trying to figure out how to fight entropy, not ripping space.

So real science does this. It, regardless of grants or politics or religious reasons searches out the truth and shares it. Galileo did real science. He opposed the Catholic church to do it. Real science has been done for millennia. But recently we have rockstar pretenders, like Bill Nye or real scientists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson who speak about things outside their fields as if they were experts.

And this is wrong.

Turns out I was very likely right about Dark Matter. And may well be on other issues that I, with a skeptical scientific mind, don’t consider proven.

Have a look, and remember, be skeptical. It’s part of what the Scientific Method is about. Look at the numbers yourself. If one “faction” for the lack of a better word is demonizing the other side, making up studies, and generally crowing about how they’re right and the matter is settled, I promise you, it’s not settled.

The Universe is JUST fine.

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