An elevator to the sky

This is speculative at this point, of course, but a space elevator really would change everything about who we are as a species.

A day on a box rising up a cable from the ground to geosynchronous orbit, where you would board a truly interplanetary spacecraft that never touches atmosphere. A liner, like the ocean liners of the early 20th century, but with weightlessness instead of luxuriantly decked out ballrooms.

Then you’d fly to your destination at another location, say Mars or even maybe the Moon. On Mars you’d dock with another geosynchronous station and take the Martian space elevator down to the surface for your visit or to join your new colony. On the Moon you’d simply take a shuttle down to the surface and conduct your business.

Space travel would become no more problematic than crossing the Atlantic was for steamships. And if the EM Drive actually works, the timing would become something we could live with as well.

I feel I was born two generations too early to be part of the true blossoming of the space age. But at least I get to see it born.

Elevator to the Sky

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