Cover for Book 5

I haven’t completed book 4 yet. LOL! But I have the cover for Books 4 and 5 pretty much done. When I can’t write, I like to turn to digital art, and covers kill two birds with one nuclear missile. So I not only reveal the cover of Book 5 here, but also the Title. The Depths of War.




The cover for Book 4 is practically done as well, and I’ll go ahead and provide an update. I’ve been asked to speak at a book store in January, and I have to have the book not just done, but published and available for sale by then. So I have a deadline. I have nearly 51,000 words written, and have another 8 chapters or so to go. The plot has taken twists I didn’t even see when I started writing this book, and I’m very pleased with it. It completes the problems Sarah Dayson is left with at the end of Book 3, and then provides her with some more things to think about. Book 5 is REALLY going to be a doozy, and Book 4, while exciting and filled with conflict, really sets up the series for Book 5.


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