Book signing

Hey, it’s been a very busy December. Let me share.

First, of course, is the shopping. Man, opening up Firefox and logging into Amazon… that’s killing me! 🙂  I do have three teenage daughters, and shopping for them has been a bit of a chore. Not the shopping itself, but the careful selection of presents that won’t result in wailing and/or “you love her more than me.” Wow. Parenting is hard.

Book 4, Stennis, is complete. My wife has edited it and I’m now entering the final edits into the master file, which will then be uploaded for publication. Release date is January 7th, both on Amazon and in print.

Coming this Tuesday I will be at KCME here in Colorado Springs for a taped radio interview, I do not know when that will air. When I do, I’ll post it everywhere, I assure you. Unless it goes badly, in which case I’ll never mention it again.

On January 7th I’ll be at a book signing at Hooked On Books, at Cascade and Bijou in downtown Colorado Springs. From 11am to 2pm. We’ll have wine and chocolate, as well as plenty of books for sale.

I have decided to do a series of apocalyptic books, and have written 5,000 words in book 1 already. They’re not serial, each book will stand alone. But they’re clearly a series if my intent is followed. I’m considering trying to follow traditional publication for these. I think I can put these out in about 2 months start to finish. The first of them is a medical thriller, with a pandemic flu similar to the 1918 Spanish flu hitting the world.

Let’s see… I think that’s it. One book going to publication… yet another idea for another series… and I’m working on Book 5 of the Dark Seas series.

And Book 2 followup to Serum. LOL! I have a lot of typing to do. I have a great keyboard, I know it will hold out. I just hope my fingers do.

See you next time.


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