Hey everyone!  Book 4 is released and available on Amazon.


I’m stunned by the number of people who bought it already, and by the number of people who downloaded the other 3 books in the series as well. It’s a great honor that each of you put faith in my writing to entertain you.

I’m deep into book 5, and will get it out ASAP. And, as I write, I make it my practice to stay one cover ahead of my current work in progress, so the cover for book 6 is done.

The Covers:

This is the cover for book 5, next to be released. Hopefully in May or June. 








This is the cover for book 6, it might be my favorite yet.









So you can bet if I took the time to make the covers, I’m going to make the books behind them as awesome as I can. 🙂  Thanks again for your support.

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