Working hard

Sorry for the few updates, I’ve been working hard on the series.

Stennis was out on January 7th, but I’ve been putting winter weather to use and sitting behind the keyboard hammering out book 5. The Depths of War.

It’s currently sitting at 51,048 words in first draft, which will mean it will be slightly larger than Stennis when completed, I think.

In other news: My wife had surgery on her foot Friday, and she came through that with flying colors. She had surgery a year ago to fix a problem, and this one was just to remove the hardware. I’m glad, I’d like to stay as healthy as I can with her for as long as possible. She’s tough, so I suspect she’ll be pushing me around long before I’m pushing her around in a chair.

I’d expect the next release of the Dark Seas Series to be around mid-March, probably on the 15th because that’s my birthday and what better B-Day present than a release. Since it’s been cold here and I like the indoors better under those circumstances, much will get done, and if you could see me working you’d probably see me doing what I’m doing right now a lot. Typing.

On something a bit more advanced than this, fortunately.

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