Working on a video

I’m working on a video for the Dark Seas series.

And, I’m working on the sound first. I composed (using that term loosely) this short audio clip tonight, of a cello playing solo.

The video will be a dark scene if it happens, with small fighters rushing away from the Michael Stennis on an attack mission.

This is the first audio track (subject to rewriting and editing).

The second audio track would be different fighter/bomber pilots speaking on the radio as they race toward their target.

You’ll see them from the front at first, the Stennis disappearing rapidly into the darkness behind them. Shortly after that, they’ll pop away to their destination. Then you’ll be behind the fighters, as they race toward their targets and drop missiles. Then you’ll follow the missile camera as it races into the target and detonates.

“Stennis, this is Fighter One-Two, scratch one Komi cruiser. I repeat, target down.”

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