Short Stories Released

I have two new short stories that are available on Amazon. Well, one new, one previously published. The new one is KDP so if you have Kindle Unlimited, you’ll have free access to it. The other, the previously published version, is not eligible for KDP. Soooo, it’s $.99, which is as cheap as I can make it.


First is a previously published story, published in The Bulletin back in September in their annual fiction issue. The covers on both stories are not as in depth as the ones for the novels, but it is a short story. The idea of taking dozens of hours to cover it with fantastic art didn’t appeal to me. So I put material on that made a statement regarding the content of the story. I’m still working to get this piece into KDP Select.






I present Milked, a story about a human captured during a war between an alien species and humanity. He finds his captors to be likeable enough, and they do treat him well. Fact is, he grows to like them better than us. My wife is slightly grossed out by this piece, be careful if you’re sensitive. She’s an RN, and if I can ping her sense of ick, I feel I’ve been successful. It’s not gross for gore reasons, but for social behavioral reasons.

This one is $1.29 or free to Kindle Unlimited users.




Later I’ll be adding a story called The Anachron. It’s a look into the mind of a minor Greek deity, and how she saves us from the machinations of those who would try to rule every aspect of our lives. Right now that story is submitted to Isaac Asimov’s Sci-Fi Magazine, and if they decline it I’ll put it up on Amazon right away. If they accept it, then I’ll put it up on Amazon after their limited rights expire.

The plan at the moment is to write quite a few short stories in the Dark Seas universe as well. There are so many stories to tell. What goes through the mind of someone infected by the Hive? Show the actions the dying take in a space battle. What if you’re the sole survivor on a crippled ship? What do you do when the only way to deny an enemy their goal is to kill your own? Many more options exist, and I plan to regularly write some of them. I currently have one well under way called Valor.


The Depths of War just passed 62,000 words. Sales of my books have been reasonably good, at least enough to make me happy with the progress. My goal, as an author, is to have people excited about my next story, or my next book. With each release, I feel that getting more and more real.


Please enjoy the short stories. I enjoyed writing them.

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