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So I’m working on this whole author thing. There’s a lot to it, in case you didn’t know, not just writing books. Here are just a few of the things you need to do.

  1. Write a book. I said it wasn’t just this, but this is pretty much the focus.
  2. If you’re an Indie author like me, you’ll need to learn how to publish it on the sites you publish with. For me that’s Createspace and Amazon.
  3. You’ll have to figure out who you’re going to publish with.
  4. You’ll need a website. Preferably with your pen name as your URL, such as
  5. You’ll need a social media presence. It should be an author page on Facebook, which I did slightly wrong, as I made a page for my book series. But I will always use it as my author page, now that I know better.
  6. You’ll need to either figure out how Twitter works, or you’ll need to connect your Twitter and Facebook so that posts on FB make it out as tweets. That’s what I did.
  7. If you plan on marketing, you’ll need to figure out the 1,001 things involved with that. Book sales, freebies, blog sites, KDP promotions, advertising, promoting posts on Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.
  8. Speaking of 1,001 things, you’ll probably need, not necessarily want, a mailing list. Turns out that even if you’re a fairly private type like I am, you’ll need this. I’m just getting mine seriously going now. I signed up with a Google service at first, but it’s not versatile enough for me. So I signed up with Mailchimp. Which means whatever I had with Google is gone, but since I couldn’t see it, I don’t know what I lost. Mailchimp helps me keep track of my sign-ups, and helps me not be spammy by keeping track of when I send what.

With that in mind, if you did sign up for my mailing list, please do so again. The form looks exactly the same, but now you’ll be taken care of by a service that will make not annoying anyone very much easier.

I appreciate your email address, I will never sell it, and I value your privacy as much as my own. I will only send something out whenever there is a new book coming out or I’m marking something down to $.99 for a weekend.

Speaking of which, both The Anvil of Dust and Stars and Serum will be $.99 over the weekend of Jun 2-4. Get them while the getting is good. 🙂


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