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Hello, my name is…..Carol James Marshall author of The Women of the Grey series Starburst book 1 and Red Drug book 2 are now on Kindle Unlimited.  Let me explain myself….


It is often said, by those people that say things and well I’m guessing say those things to people who create memes then post them. “Those people” often say that writers write what they love.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Rainbows and sparkly things awesome until you consider those that write the not so nice things. Think of Mr. Stephen King is that evil clown something he loves? Does Stephen King love clowns and we got him all wrong?

It’s something to consider when reading a book. Another example is the Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James, do we all believe she loves a good paddling? We might, or perhaps readers never consider that. I’m going with readers do consider it when they think of an author.

I am one of those writers that write the not so nice things. I dwell in the science fiction horror side of the planet. I’m known to be creepy, mysterious and disturbing. Does that mean I love being creeped out or creeping readers out? Could it mean that I get off on people twitching after reading a passage? Kind of, but not really.

I think it’s a bit different for the writers that skate or dive into horror. There might be some of us who love the gore of horror. It’s best to avoid those houses on Halloween. The majority of horror writers love the psychology of horror and there is a difference.

I don’t necessarily love the disturbing. I love the reaction disturbing gives the reader.  I hope that makes sense. I personally write about what scares me and add some stuff for flavor.

What scares me; outer space, aliens, all those things that can come down from those stars and eat my face. Flavor; alpha women that are a bit deranged but in the end do the right thing or not (most often not).

I like my horror with a wink and a sprinkle of science fiction. The Women of the Grey series is a coming of age tale in my own twisted fashion. In the series we follow Lisa a Women of the Grey, who is discovering that all she has ever known in the Grey is upside down, sideways and wrong.

The Grey have a saying “We are all the same” and none different. In Lisa’s first mission out among humans she discovers that all she has been taught about herself and the Grey is a lie. Or maybe it’s not (see there’s that wink). I’m not telling.

Going back to writers write what they love, well I don’t love Aliens. I find the thought of Alien life forms terrifying and that is why I write about them. I find the unknown, those things that can’t be seen also scary as heck and that is why my books are mysterious.

Perhaps “the people” that say things should state that writers write what they find interesting. I’ve always been a sociologist at heart. It’s not what people do, but why they do it that is most intriguing to me.

So there it is I write for reaction from readers. I write the things that scare me and I write the type of female I find engaging. If you take all these things together and smush them into one big ball it might be I write what I love, but loves a strong word.


Interested in my series? Please sign up for my subscriber list at I am available exclusively on Amazon. Side note: I am in the process of having my books reformatted, because of this paperbacks are temporarily unavailable, but will be up and running in a couple weeks. You might find a used copy on Amazon. However I am on Kindle and Kindle unlimited.

Currently, I am writing Stainless Steel book 3 in my Women of the Grey series, along with an independent horror novel The Demon Dealer. Both books will be released this winter and early new year.

Thank you Damon Alan for having me as a guest on your blog.

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