Book Blurbs.

I’ve been writing new blurbs for my books. I feel that is probably the weak spot in my efforts to get them to readers. Here are the first two to be revised.

The Anvil of Dust and Stars

Epic Space Opera

In the future, the human race is slowly dying. After millennia of expansion, an enemy has arisen that is slowly pushing the human frontier back toward oblivion. The Hive. Soulless and emotionless, they are colonizing star system after star system. The victims of the Hive suffer a fate worse than death…

Against an enemy that is seemingly unstoppable, one woman fights and leads the crews of her fleet in order to save humanity. History has proven again and again that in the darkest hours, heroes arise. Heroes fight. And heroes find a way.  Sarah Dayson is that hero in a dark and violent future where entire planets are swallowed into oblivion.

Follow the rise of Sarah Dayson from fresh cadet fighting for her life in a four man ship to Fleet Captain, where she’s commanding a squadron of ships designed for one purpose. War. The Hive may have the advantage in numbers, but they lack one thing that will always push humanity over the top. The will to live.

Ships will die. Planets will burn. But humanity will survive if Sarah Dayson has her way, no matter what the cost.

Amazon Reviews:

Alan’s writing style is solid and easy to read. The technology is referenced in ways that don’t bog down the pacing but do help a person like myself (more an artsy-type than a scientist) to follow along and become immersed. The “Save Humanity” plot unfolds in not just a universal way but a very personal one

Overall I was very much entertained and found myself unable to put down my kindle.

The space battles are beautiful. My heart raced while in the thick of battle and I shed tears when the fallen were honored.

Goodreads Reviews:

Up until about the 50% mark I’d say it was an enjoyable read. I had by then noted that I was reading an imaginative story based upon well-speculated scientific principles, a veritable hard military sci-fi book (thus hitting my genre preference dead center). But from mid-way onwards the story took off and became an excellent, excellent read.

The space combat was fantastic in all its Newtonian glory. FTL, AI, and Fighters(Grapplers) are all well handled and carefully thought out concepts.

You can get this book here: The Anvil of Dust and Stars.

On the Shores of a Dark Sea

Sarah Dayson thought she’d found safety. A fertile world ready for life. A star system so far off the ecliptic plane of the galaxy that nobody would look for her people… but she was wrong. Refuge is not at all what she expected. Her fight isn’t over, in fact, it’s more dangerous than it’s ever been. With battle broken ships and her crews on the edge, Sarah must once again struggle for those who matter most to her, the crew of the Seventh Fleet. Winning might mean risking everything she holds dear, but losing means death.

Evolution doesn’t always favor those who are left behind.

Amazon Reviews:

Damon is able to bring realistic highs and lows to the emotions of the reader.

This book and Alan’s first had me riveted from start to finish. Wonderful characters in an exotic universe great action, moral dilemmas, fun technology, Alan’s got the right stuff.

Goodreads Reviews:

Love a kick-ass heroine? Love Space Operas? Want to see how late the two together can make you stay up reading? Damon Alan’s On the Shores of a Dark Sea is for you.

I’ll admit to not being a rabid SF reader, but this book and Alan’s first had me riveted from start to finish.”

You can get this book here: On the Shores of a Dark Sea.

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