Book Blurb for The Depths of War

This is the blurb on the Amazon Kindle page for The Depths of War, book 5 in the Dark Seas series. Within the next few days it will be available as a preorder, releasing on 7/14 for weekend reading.


Epic Space Opera on a massive scale.

Sarah Dayson has done everything she can just to keep herself and her crews alive. The Seventh Fleet is battered, down in numbers, and longing for a chance to come out on top for a change. Sarah, in alliance with the adepts of Refuge, thinks she finally has answers that will give her the upper hand against the enemies that threaten everything she cares about.

The adepts, able to function as one mind through the nexus of power that is Emille Sur’batti, can bring almost unthinkable power to the battles that wrack the galaxy. Sarah needs to build up a defense for Refuge, both to protect her people and the natives from attack by the Hive now that the Hive have a general idea where she’s located. She needs ships and crews, so she heads back to the galaxy for both.

As usual, that doesn’t turn out as expected when she finds yet another enemy on the field of battle.

Author Note: This is a serial set of novels. I recommend reading them in order as each builds on those that came before.

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