Write Your Heart Out.

Important for Saturday, March 3rd 2018

Tomorrow at 1pm MST is Pikes Peak Writers free conference preview, called Write Your Heart Out. I hope to see as many friends and authors I can there. I’ll be there early to help with set up if anyone else wants to join me in helping out.

Stuff that isn’t about tomorrow. 🙂

I received other news today as well.

I’ve been accepted for Denver Comic Con’s Author Alley, and will be there talking to readers and selling books all weekend long June 15-17. Hope to see you there if you’re a local fan/friend.

GenCon is the biggie this year still, both in expense and expectations. Denver will give me an idea of how many books to have for GenCon at least, I’m torn on how many I’ll need.

Writing news: I’m halfway done with the first draft of Secrets of Axum, and should have it done by the end of March. I certainly hope. Then I’ll look at my editor’s comments on my first book in this new series, The Dragons of Dunkirk. I’ve started working on the cover for book 3 in this new fantasy series, tentatively titled Deklaration of Intent.

This is one of the British soldiers that has to resort to primitive tech once the ammo runs out. He still has his helmet, and apparently he’s still fighting for the Queen. And no, the horse’s tail isn’t done. And other stuff needs work. It’s just a preview.


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