Pre-Release: The Dragons of Dunkirk

The Dragons of Dunkirk is awaiting approval from Amazon for pre-release. That should take a day. The release is on the 29th, when the book will be available for all.

The year is 1940 on Earth.

It’s the Year of Joining on Aerth.

Two worlds are set to collide thanks to the German Reich and their occult research program. WWII is just starting. The Germans are rolling through France and the British are planning to evacuate from Dunkirk. A few of the French Generals are already in Paris considering the quickest and least dangerous path to surrender.

Then it all changes.

The Germans open up a gate to Aerth over Rotterdam and it doesn’t go as they plan. Aerth’s armies, under guidance of the human wizard Hagirr, march into our world to take it from us.

Soon the war as we know it is over, and the Germans and the Allies are scrambling for solutions to this new problem. A truce is called between the Axis and Allied powers, but nobody told our dead. The dead of WWI rise up to fight on the side of Aerth, and all any living soldier on either side can ask for is to make it to tomorrow.

If you love WWII and Fantasy, you’ll love this mashup. It’s unlike anything else out there right now.

Expect more in the coming months as the Worlds at War Series progresses through the technological development of WWII, the political treachery of the Nazis, and the resolve of a free people to stay free regardless of what enemy seeks to oppress them.

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