This year is a crossroads of a sort for me.

I have two major conventions and 2 smaller events coming up as an author. Denver Comic Con, Gen Con, and the smaller Colorado Springs Comic Con and Mountain of Authors.

This year I find out just how far my books can go. Whether or not there is a market for what I write, and if I write it well enough to be a contender in that market.

I’ll be keeping track of sales, expenses, and projecting outward from there.

I believe I mentioned in the Write Brain I did back in November that I had a 5 year plan. I don’t have any requirement on myself to be profitable before 2022. That year, if my books (of which there should be 20 or more by then) can’t sustain their own ads, production, and other marketing, then I’ll be retiring from my second career as a failure.

I would be deeply saddened by that.

This is year 2 of aggressively looking to expand my brand and name. Each year has to show more success than the one prior, and so far 2018 is doing okay.

If it keeps doing so, there will be a 2019 effort to go even further than 2018 did.

Which means… 2019 is sort of a crossroads for me…


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