Gen Con, Audible, and Tigers, Oh MY!

I know, it’s been a while.

Why? Because I’ve been busy and haven’t had access to a desktop for a while. I do all my real writing on a desktop, because I can barely even see the screen of my phone anymore without reading glasses. Fat fingering the iPhone keyboard gets old too.

So what’s been happening you ask?

Thanks for asking!

Gen Con

From July 27th until August 6th my wife and I were traveling. We went to Indianapolis to check out GenCon, the #1 convention for gaming. We had a booth there, selling books. Several good things came from that, the first is we sold books and gained readers in a new part of the country. The second is that we networked with artists and authors. The third is that we got an inquiry from a gaming company about writing novella sized pieces for their wargames. That last bit sounded really cool, I’m hoping that it pans out.

We saw family there, we ate great food. Indy really does have good restaurants, we didn’t even get to go to all the ones we wanted. We learned that middle aged people should not eat White Castle based on their fond memories of that restaurant alone. White Castle food has a vendetta against anyone that isn’t young, it seems. I won’t go into details. You’re welcome.


In other news, I found a narrator on Audible for The Dragons of Dunkirk, so hopefully that is being worked on right now and my first audiobook will be released by the end of September. I don’t like counting chickens before they’re hatched, but there’s a contract and so it should happen. I’ll certainly post up here when it does.


Also, I don’t like to get political on my blog, but I quit Twitter today. I deactivated my account because Twitter is suspending the accounts of prominent Libertarian and Conservative voices. I’m not talking Alex Jones, I don’t care about him. I do, however, care about Rand Paul and his right to have his say. For Twitter to suspend a Rand Paul account was the final straw for me, but I’m one for free speech for all. I feel that when you stifle a voice, you’ve harmed the national discussion even if I don’t agree.

Isn’t that remarkable?

We can support the speech rights of those we don’t agree with. So Twitter is gone. Each of us are a tiny voice, but we’re a voice regardless. Join me in standing up for free speech and suspend your Twitter account if it’s not a critical part of your life. They need to know they’re on the wrong path.

Oh, MY!

I’m currently waiting at home for a computer to be delivered. I’m getting a new desktop to write many more words on. And, let’s be honest, to play lots of video games on. 🙂 Because life shouldn’t be all work and no play.

Here is some art I picked up that directly relates to my WWII Fantasy concept. This is now in a frame with a second piece that I will share later.

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