Colorado Springs Comic Con

Hello everyone!

Hey, if you’re a local and are going to the Colorado Springs Comic Con this weekend, make sure you stop by and say hello. This is my last convention of the year, and it’s in my town so that makes it awesome.

My wife and I will be there at our booth talking to fans of space opera and fantasy, signing books, and just generally having fun and eating things that are bad for us.

After this convention is over the rest of the year will be writing and getting book 7 out for the Dark Seas series, then I plan on concentrating on two books for the Worlds at War series. I can’t guarantee two of them by the end of the year, but I don’t think one will be a problem with another to soon follow.

This is my first year for big conventions, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d like them. They don’t make an author money, it’s pretty much a loss leader in an effort to make lifelong fans. But they do put a face on the fans, and they get to have a face to go with the authors they read. And, after a few years of regular attendance, they know they can stop by and talk to someone about their questions, ideas, or love for the genre.

I’ll be at Denver Comic Con, GenCon, and Colorado Springs Comic Con again next year.

I need to add one more, I think. Somewhere easy enough to drive to. Salt Lake City Comic Con?

If you have any ideas, toss them out. I feel like four a year is a great way to get the name out and have a good time doing it.



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